It is important to know not only what should I
do but and when This is a must do! To all these
questions and nswers Hronojekonomika.
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Chief Editor
Bogomolov Aleksandr Ivanovich -
candidate of technical Sciences,
associate Professor of the Financial
University under the Government of
the Russian Federation
Objectives and tasks
Within the framework of the project
«HronoEconomics» It is envisaged
the holding of research in the field of
temporary and resonant properties
of economic processes. In the
project can participating scientific
workers, teachers, post-graduate
students and students interested in
This theme
About the project
Objectives and tasks
Development of models and tools
to manage economic real-time systems
(the concept of Real Time Enterprise
(RTE) determine the optimal interval
time to take management decision.
Expected results implement anagement
practices macro-economic systems
micro levels.
HronoEconomics as a science based
on the fundamental representation of
wave and stochastic properties
economic processes, classic works
of Kondratiev, Eliot Smith, Zhjugljara,
Lamps, Kitchina etc.

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13.10.2015 on Chair "system analysis
and modeling economic processes "
Financial University The Government
Of The Russian Federation heard a
report "HronoEconomics as the
science of management economic
systems in real-time "

26.09.2015 published an article
"HronoEconomics as the science of
management of economic real-time
systems time "
"HronoEconomics as the science
of management of economic real-
time systems time "
HronoEconomics science
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